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About synthetic thatch

Patented Fiber Thatch Technology is used to create two amazing product lines; FiberPalm and FiberReed. Both products were developed to create the ambiance you want. FiberPalm and FiberReed are both highly durable artificial thatch products that look exactly like the real thing! (They just last MUCH longer)

What We Do

New Roof Construction

We can build your entire roofing structure from scratch with long lasting synthetic thatch.

Thatch Replacement

We can replace your existing thatching with synthetic thatch.

The Problems with natural thatch

  • Natural thatch can last as little as 2 years. Commonly however, it lasts between 2 to 15 years, depending on the climate. This is of great concern, especially if you consider the cost involved to re-thatch. 
  • Once harvested, natural thatch is essentially dead. This means that the thatch cannot protect itself from the elements. It is at the mercy of the sun, wind, rain and other elements.
  • Rain moisture becomes trapped within natural thatch, thereby speeding up decay.
  • Dry or dead thatch is not naturally waterproof. This means that inhabitants of dwellings with thatch roofs, remain dry thanks to the roof design and gradients. This in itself, frustrates and compounds the vision of architects and designers as they are limited by natural thatch “design” flaws.
  • Natural thatch is constantly bombarded by UV rays from the sun. It is not naturally UV resistant, which means that natural thatch enjoys significant UV damage from the sun, which changes its colour.
  • Trapped moisture within the dry thatch, inevitably causes mold, rot and a bad smell.
  • Not only is natural thatch at the mercy of the elements, but the animal kingdom also plays a part in ensuring a shortened lifespan. Birds, rodents and insects use natural, dry thatch for nests, and some insects even eat away at the thatch. To make matters worse, they can even leave toxic excrement! 

Why synthetic thatch is better



  • Guaranteed for 20 years (but will probably last for 50 years!)
  • Synthetic thatch does not rot, decay or give off bad smells.
  • Completely UV resistant, so your synthetic thatch roof will retain its “natural” colour and not fade over time.
  • Developed and designed for every climate.
  • Synthetic thatch can withstand winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour!

A healthier, safer alternative

  • Synthetic thatch does not harbour toxic mould. You can thus sleep in peace without worrying about your heatlh.
  • Birds, roednts and insects do not eat synthetic thatch. This means no infestations! 
  • Greatly reduces fire-hazards.

Cost effective

  • Synthetic thatch is maintenance free! There’s no need get on the roof and fill patches. Or treat it with chemicals to keep rodents away. Or treat it to withstand UV rays etc. etc…
  • No need to re-thatch every few years.
  • Because synthetic thatch poses lower fire hazards, you save money on insurance costs.

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