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…We’ve got you covered! Whether you need a brand new thatched roof for your house, patio or lapa, or whether you need to re-thatch; get in touch with the industry leading professionals! 

New Thatched Roofs

Need a new roof? Look no further, because we have you covered! Easily make your house or entertainment area look like something that belongs in a tropical paradise. We offer the best prices on new natural thatch, backed by more than 40 years’ of industry experience.

Re-thatching / Repairs

Current thatch looking a little patchy? We can help with repairs or entire re-thatching of your existing roof. We can also replace with synthetic thatch…

Synthetic Thatch

Looks like the real thing, but comes with a 30 year guarantee! Almost NEVER thatch again! Just imagine… No more patching every few months. No more complete re-do, re-thatching every few years. A synthetic thatch roof will last you a lifetime!


Eco Friendly Construction

Sourced naturally from sustainable sources, we use only locally produced thatch that is completely renewable. We also offer an alternative to traditional thatching – synthetic thatch. The synthetic thatch looks like the real deal, but lasts more than 30 years!


The latest in thatching options

As industry leaders, we not only have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the thatching roofs, but we also have the most innovative solutions. If you’re tired of constantly re-thatching, but love the look, why not consider synthetic thatch?   Tap/click here for more info on synthetic thatch.


The Newest Technology Repairs

We re-thatch or repair your existing thatch with the least amount of inconvenience to you using dedicated teams of professionals. We call it re-thatching that fits your pocket and your schedule!


High Quality Construction Management

Our installers are industry leaders when it comes to experience, expertise and professionalism. Your thatch roof is in good hands, because we deliver on our promises!

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No project too big or too small 

We have overseen projects, both locally and abroad, ranging in size from small poolside lapas to international airports and resorts. We thatch it all, and we do it with pride!

With years of experience as leaders in both the manufacturing and installation of thatched roofs, you can rest assured that your project, no matter the scope or size, is in very capable hands.

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We’ve been thatching for almost 40 years.

You won’t find the level of expertise and professionalism anywhere else in the thatching industry. We are THE biggest thatch manufacturer in the WORLD. Despite this, we still have time for all our clients, be their projects big or small.

Psssssst! Have you heard about synthetic thatch?

Love the look of a thatch roof but have heard too many negatives about it?

We have an alternative for you. Click / tap here to find out about synthetic thatch…

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